Am I making a fool of myself trying with this guy,I think yes. So much had gone on today, its too much to handle can I just go die in a hole.

Why am I scared ?

Why am I more scared than happy when I finally got what I need :/

I had a dream about this guy that I kinda have a thing for and he sometimes flirts with me and the dream was interesting but idk if things that happened in the dream could actually happen in real life cause I’m me and he’s him so yea

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Frozen; colour palette (insp)

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I don’t even understand what I’m feeling or thinking I’m confused about my mental state of mind…

How can I prove to you thank I miss you …

Its crazy how fast you can become so distant to someone you once were so close to

I feel like im down a path with no actual direction because I feel so lost and forgotten about and I just dont know whats going on and I wish I knew what I was feeling exactly and why all the time but I dont and I dont know why I feel that way. Lets just hope school isnt too much of a kick in the ass tomorrow… :/